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About me

An artist at heart, I am fueled by my passion for seeking answers, connection, and beauty in our world. I have 18+ years of experience in digital design, specializing in visual brand development, UX / UI design, website design, content strategy, information architecture, editorial design, marketing materials, and image making. 

I began my career armed with a Graphic Design degree and a junior design position at NewBeauty Magazine, where I applied relentless focus and persistence to grow into my craft and eventually become an editorial art director. After a decade of creative work in the publishing world, I moved on to apply my skills and experience in content creation, brand design, and business/marketing strategy for products and brands across the globe. I have contributed works to notable organizations such as Disney, Boehringer Ingelheim, NASA, Sandow Publishing, Moose International, and Unilever brands, as well as countless small businesses and product brands.

With an eye for detail, a modern aesthetic, and a love for applying strategy to design, I specialize in connecting brands and products with positive consumer experiences. I am obsessed with color and moodboards are my jam.

I love to explore all mediums of art and expression, including – but not limited to – drawing charcoal portraits, fiction and nonfiction writing, curating, building, dice-making, making bath products, and reading.

I also hold the honor of being mother to 1 human, 2 dogs, and about 8 plants.